If your kids have a play structure or tree house in your backyard, you've probably had to yell out the door at them a time or two. With a wireless intercom system you wouldn't have to do that anymore.

The WireFree wireless intercom system has an outdoor intercom unit available that lets you talk to your kids by through a portable wireless indoor intercom. They can talk back to you by pressing a Talk button.

This wireless outdoor intercom is totally waterproof and can be located up to 1000 feet away from your house. These units also provide a secure connection so your nosy neighbors can't listen in.

Using two screws, you can just mount the outdoor intercom to the play structure or tree house and you'll be in constant contact with the kids. You can also use the indoor intercoms in the kid's rooms to monitor their activity.

These wireless outdoor intercom units are part of the WireFree Wireless Intercom system.

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