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Wireless parking lot emergency call stations are used in remote parking lots where it would be difficult, expensive, or impossible to run wires between the lot and a remote building or guardhouse.

Wireless Parking Lot Emergency Call StationThe parking lot stations are wireless callbox intercoms that communicate with business-band 2-way radio handhelds or desktop base station radios. These callboxes can have a range of a mile depending on what is between the two points. You can use mast antennas on top of a building to reach distances of several miles under ideal conditions. The callboxes are in weatherproof housings so they can be used outdoors directly exposed to the elements.

The callboxes can have prerecorded messages in them that can be broadcast to alert you which callbox is calling in. It could say something like "Section A14" or "Lot 5" to identify the callbox location. Another message option is to give the user a message such as "Someone will respond shortly".

A parking lot solution like this has an advantage over having visitors just use their cell phone. Communication is instantaneous versus a cell phone where you have to find your phone, hope that you have a charge, manually dial the number, and wait for the call to connect. In even of a large scale emergency, cell phone service may not even be available.

This system can be used for both emergencies and to provide better customer service to people parking in your lots. That makes your lot more preferable over others, which results in increased revenue.

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