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A wireless security gate intercom provides long range, 2-way voice communication to a two-way radio or wireless intercom. They can be used to open gates or doors from remote locations, which means monitoring personnel do not have to be confined to a desk. These intercoms are also called "wireless call boxes" and are essentially long-range two-way radios in a water and vandal resistant case with some added features. There are no air-time or telephone service fees with these systems.

wireless gate intercom call boxA wireless gate intercom makes it possible to quickly implement a communication system without expensive and messy trenching. These gate opening intercoms have a range of up to a mile, or even further with use of external antennas.

These call boxes use either UHF or VHF frequencies to communicate over long range. Most of these wireless frequencies require an FCC license, but the VHF version has several unlicensed frequencies. These call boxes can be programmed to be compatible with virtually any brand of VHF or UHF business band radio.

If the gate application requires unlocking a gate or door from a remote location, then a call box with a relay that can be controlled by pressing a button on a wireless intercom or two-way radio with the 2-tone encode feature is needed. A callbox with an entry keypad is also available that enables people to enter a code at the call box to open the gate or door.

When visitors press the button on the callbox it sounds a call tone on a handheld two-way radio or wireless base station intercom. Monitoring personnel can speak to the visitor and then press a button that activates a switch output that can be used to open or close a gate, turn on a light, sound an alarm, or any application where remote control of an On/Off switch is required.

Some call boxes also have a sensor input that allows them to operate as a motion detection, tamper, or vehicle detection device. These callboxes send a warning tone when a change in the switch/sensor status is detected. One call box even has the ability to send a pre-recorded voice message when the switch status changes.

wireless base station with gate openingThe callbox with voice messages can also play a message when someone presses its button. This could be a message that gives the caller specific instructions on what to do. These units can also send a second and different voice message alert to the monitoring central location or portable radios. This message could give the call boxes location or it could be an emergency message of some type.

If no AC power is available at the gate, these callboxes can be powered by six D-cell batteries or by a solar power system. If AC is available, an optional AC to DC 12 volt transformer is available.

If several callboxes are in use and the location of the unit calling needs to be known, a unique numeric identifier can be transmitted to a radio that has the ability to decode this identifier. This is like having a telephone with Caller ID capability. Or if fewer than five callboxes are needed, then separate channels can be assigned for each callbox.

For wireless gate communications, a wireless security gate intercom like the Callbox XT Outdoor Wireless Intercom offers clear wireless voice communication and remote gate unlocking, quickly, without expensive trenching and monthly air-time fees.


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