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Wireless Truck Scale Intercom Pole

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Your Price: $650.00
This pole is custom made for our wireless truck scale intercom.
Part Number: PD1018
This pole is custom designed for the Full Duplex Wireless Truck Scale Intercom with Amplified Horn Speaker. It has mounts for both the intercom and the amplified horn speaker that comes with the intercom system.

At the top of the pole is a metal tube that allows you to slide a standard 1" schedule 40 plastic water pipe over for the purpose of mounting the antenna without any metal to interfere with the signal transmission. You can get this pipe at any home supply store.

If the intercom is going to be mounted where the truck will come between the intercom and the scale house, then the antenna must be mounted up above the truck. The pole itself is 10 feet tall and the standard height for trucks is 13.6 feet tall. So we recommend that you add approximately 4 feet of water pipe to the top of the pole. The truck scale intercom comes with an 8 foot antenna cable so if you want to keep from buying an additional 8 foot cable extension you'll need to make the water pipe pole extension a little short of 4 feet.

We will send you a customized water pipe end cap and rubber seal in which you will install the antenna that comes with the intercom. You simply slide the end cap over the top of the 1" water pipe that you provide.

This pole mounts to an existing or new concrete pad. See mounting kits below.

Most pedestal poles are made using .074" wall tube, but this pedestal is made from .120" wall tube (62% more steel) and can withstand a Category 5 hurricane force winds of 157 mph. The steel is first bead-blasted to eliminate contaminants and blemishes, then powder coated with an outdoor rated TGIC polyester finish with UV protectant to help promote longevity in any weather condition. The color is safety yellow so it is highly visible.

Each pedestal includes carriage bolt hardware and is then wrapped in foam packaging and boxed individually for safe shipping.

If you need customized heights of this pole we can do that as well. Send us an email with your requirements so we can provide you a quote.



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