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If you have a security door or gate that needs a video intercom but you can't run wires, this water-resistant unit gives you what you want. This intercom works great at security gates and doors. It connects to your Wi-Fi router in your house or business. As long as you have a good signal at the point where you want to install it, this system will work for you.

You can use either an iPhone or Android-based smartphones to view full motion and talk to visitors even if you are on the other side of the world as long as you have data connectivity on your phone. You can record the video or snapshots by pressing a button on the app. Pressing the talk button takes a snapshot and 32 images are stored so you can see who visited your gate or door.

You can connect it to any standard door or gate opener. The app has an option to switch the relay output from normally open to normally closed. This is not normally needed because the relay output terminals already have hard connections for N/O and N/C contacts as standard. The relay time may need changed to suit lock applications. It is adjustable from 1-9

The back of the unit has a standard goose neck pedestal pole mount bolt pattern for pedestal pole mounting.

The 3 most common cause of failures on the WiFi intercom are as follows:
  1. Unstable Wi-Fi network or excessive network traffic.
  2. Range too long causing Wi-Fi drop out intermittently.
  3. Excessively long power cable run from the 24v dc adapter to the intercom causing poor range, no video, long connection times, or unstable operation.
Minimum recommended Internet UPLOAD speed is 1 MegaBytes, however this may need to be much more for heavy use networks.

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WiFi Video Intercom