ZT1011 Truck Scale IntercomThe ZT1011 truck scale intercom will arrive pre-programmed so all you have to do is to plug the phones and outdoor intercoms into a Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch. The switch provides the power to the phone and scale intercoms so no power is needed at these locations. You can use any standard POE switch, or look in the Related Products and Accessories section at the bottom of the ZT1011 product page and order one there.

If you are ordering multiple systems on the same order, we will need to know how you want each system configured so you can put these details in the comments field of the order.

There is a specific order to plug in devices so these instructions are for setting up your intercom system when you receive it:
Setup Guide
In some cases you may need to fine tune the audio to your specific installation:
Fine Tuning Audio Performance
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