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If you need a custom solution we offer free in-house engineering and drawings within 48 hours of your request. Just email us a rough drawing with measurements, tell us what you are mounting, and we will create a CAD drawing for your approval.

custom pedestal designRather that relying on a local metal fabrication shops for your custom pedestal needs, which usually results in an amateur solution that doesn't last very long and makes a poor impression on employees and visitors, our shop will give you best-in-class, turn-key pedestal options that meets the industry’s highest standards for strength and construction.

Custom Made Pedestal Poles

There are two categories of pedestal solutions, industrial and architectural. Industrial pedestals are typically like the powder-coated gooseneck mounting post you see in industrial environments. Architectural designs are the brushed, stainless steel architectural tower-style pedestals that would look good in a multi-million dollar office tower. The cost difference is significant, but in architectural building construction it is an insignificant amount.

  • Fast & Free CAD Design
  • Mount any device
  • Ready In 12-15 Business Days
  • Material Options: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
  • Custom colors available
  • No Minimum order quantities
  • Expedited Order Program
  • We are prepared (from designing to production to shipping) to RUSH your custom project through our factory without sacrificing the quality you've come to expect. No matter your situation, your project can still be delivered on time.
  • 12-15 days Standard, no additional charge
  • 10-11 days 15% rush fee
  • 8-9 days 25% rush fee
  • 6-7 days 45% rush fee
  • 4-5 days 65% rush fee
  • 2-3 days 100% rush fee

Ready materials

We stock numerous sheets and tubes for timely custom work. Materials in stock include:

  • Carbon Steel (for powder coating or galvanizing), various gauges
  • #304 Stainless Steel (industry standard), various gauges
  • #316 Stainless Steel (marine-grade), various gauges
  • Aluminum, a limited variety of gauges
We can advise you on all materials during the design process.

Zinc rich primer

We strongly encourage using zinc rich primer (#7520-70138) as a pre-coat for projects requiring powder coating. It serves a dual role as both a bonding agent between the steel and the powder, and as an excellent rust preventer and protector. Although powder coatings are extremely durable, exceptionally resistant to corrosion, and able to withstand exposure to harsh UV rays, in some circumstances a dual layer, with rich zinc primer as the base layer, is required to achieve optimal corrosion resistance and meet specific appearance requirements. In these cases, you should request this zinc rich primer (#7520-70138)  base coat as part of your project.

Powder Coating

We apply a TCI 9000 series (or equivalent) outdoor-rated TGIC polyester powder coat to our products. Read more here for technical information: product overview 

Stock colors:

DF Black Wrinkle III (#8017-91612)
SD Fine Black Tex (#9012-91684)
SD Flat Black (#9030-90922)

Golden Yellow Gloss (#9810-1070)

Sky White II Gloss (#9910-9887)

Silver (metallic)
Anodized Aluminum (#9511-01405)
Satin Nickel 2 (#9411-01414-1)
Stardust Silver II 104 (#9811-0540)

Telegray 4 (#9840-72006R)

Oil Rubbed Bronze (#9211-01410)
Clear Coat
SD 90 Clear (#9910-01289)

Custom colors

You may choose from other colors found in the following color systems:


Galvanization, an outstanding rust inhibitor, is well-suited for industrial projects. While applying a powder coating finish over galvanized material is generally discouraged, it remains an option. The galvanization process results in a textured surface that will persist in the final appearance when powder coating is applied. (Specifically for carbon steel.)

Brushed #4 Finish

For stainless steel applications, we employ state-of-the-art machinery to achieve a refined, consistent brushed #4 polish with a 180-grit finish. This elevates the aesthetic appeal of your project, harmonizing seamlessly with your architectural facade. (Exclusively for stainless steel.)

Device Library

Throughout the years, we've amassed an extensive repository of access control devices from various industries. This library contains detailed information about their dimensions, cutout specifications, and mounting hole patterns. This invaluable resource enables us to create accurate and tailored pedestal solutions for your specific needs. If the particular device you're using isn't currently in our system, please provide us with the necessary information, such as an installation guide or a link to the manufacturer's webpage. We'll promptly incorporate it into our comprehensive library.

Meticulous Attention

Our design team is dedicated to ensuring that every detail aligns with your customer's requirements, expediting their approval process. Similarly, our skilled craftsmen meticulously attend to every aspect during fabrication. This includes seamlessly matching the radius corners of a pedestal tube to those of an access control device or achieving a mirror-like finish on the pedestal's edges to enhance the reflection of sunlight in your glass lobby. We take pride in our commitment to precision, using our creativity and expertise to present your access control devices in the most appealing manner possible.

Installer's Insight

Our fabrication team consists of former installers who intimately understand the challenges of being on-site when unexpected issues arise. Leveraging their experience, they collaborate with our engineers to establish standards and practices integrated into our CAD designs. This meticulous approach ensures that every installation process is straightforward. Everything is pre-cut, aligned, and designed to accommodate bolts, wires, and devices, significantly reducing fieldwork complexities. There's nothing more satisfying than a flawless installation that leaves a stunning impression.

Superior to Competitors

Our quality surpasses local metal fabricators by offering specialized products and services you won't find elsewhere. With nearly two decades of experience in designing and fabricating mounting solutions for systems integrators and installers in the security industry, we possess a deep understanding of devices, technologies, manufacturers, installation requirements, construction timelines, and other crucial factors that come into play on-site. Our industry knowledge and experience set us apart from your typical "local fabrication shop," making us the ideal solution provider for security professionals.