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Hands Free Speakerphone Wireless Gate System
Simultaneous handsfree two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak.
$1,995.00 $1,795.00 Sale
Cellular Network 500-Unit Apartment Intercom
For multi-tenant building up to 500 tenants. LCD screen for selecting tenants. Requires cell service.
$1,899.00 $1,690.00 Sale
MURS Long Range Wireless Gate Intercom with Relay - Black
Long-range callbox with switch for gate or door opening Can be used with any MURS device.
$699.00 $635.00 Sale
MURS Wireless Gate Intercom System with Relay - Green
Long-range compact callbox can activate a gate or door. Works with MURS devices.
$699.00 $635.00 Sale
Cellular Network 500-Unit Apartment Intercom with Proximity Reader
Used for multi-tenant buildings for up to 500 tenants. LCD screen for choosing tenant.
$2,399.00 $1,890.00 Sale
Receives broadcasts from 2-way radios and base stations over its connected amplified speaker
Cellular Network Intercom with Keypad
Gate intercom uses cell phone service to call any phone. Requires monthly cell service
Vertical-Mount WiFi Video System with Keypad
A button press calls your smartphone. Talk to and see visitors and unlock a door or gate.
2-25 Button Modular Cellular Apartment Intercom
Build this wireless modular apartment intercom just the way you want it by adding modules.
MURS Indoor/Outdoor Customer Service Callbox - 1W
A press of the button sends a recorded message to 2-way radios and base intercoms
Simultaneous Talk and Receive System with Keypad
Handsfree speakerphone communication. Has a keypad for entry.
White Handset-to-Handset Intercom Set
Master to substation handset communication. 1 master and up to three substations.
Elderly/Disabled Emergency Alert
Press one button on the pendant and it calls any phone numbers you want through a telephone line.
Free Shipping. $300.00
3 Call Master System Kit
System can talk to up to 3 Substations in any combination of inside and outside door stations.
Master to Sub System
The master can be used to monitor the area around the sub station. Wall or Desk mounted.