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2-25 Button Modular Cellular Apartment Intercom

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Your Price: $889.00
Build this wireless modular apartment intercom just the way you want it by adding modules.
Part Number: IO1057
Notes: Ships 5-10 Business Days
This is the main controller module of a modular cellular-based apartment intercom that supports up to 25 apartments. To build out this system you choose a housing and modules from the Related Products and Accessories section below and add them to this main module. We will custom build this system for you based on the modules you select.

We recommend that you call us at 888-298-9489 to let us help you configure this system.

Modules available are as follows, this cell phone module, 125KHz proximity card reader, illuminated keypad, combined proximity card and keypad, blank module faceplate, Illuminated info window, 1-button module, 2-button module, 3-button module, 4-button module, and a 5-button module. These modules can be installed in a metal housing that can hold 2,3,4,and 6 modules so you can create any system you want.

Cellular Service
This system uses GSM-based cellphone services like AT&T or TMobile to call tenants landline or mobile phones. They do not need to be home.

In the United States there are two technologies used for cellular telephone service. One is GSM which stands for Global System for Mobile used by AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as almost every other cellular carrier elsewhere in the world. The other technology is CDMA which stands for Code Division Multiple Access, and is used by Sprint and Verizon in the US, as well as a few other companies in Asia and South America. There are other service providers you can choose besides AT&T and T-Mobile that use GSM (they just contract with these GSM carriers to use their service so you are still using either AT&T and T-Mobile service).

To use this intercom you will be required to have a 4G GSM-based telephone service. GSM-based mobile phone service requires use of a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), which is an integrated circuit that securely stores information needed to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices.

This unit has a 4G SIM card included and instructions on how to activate it. Click this link for more details: Cell Phone Network Plan 

  • Set automatic gate open & close times
  • Do-not-disturb time setting
  • User history log to your phone
  • Illuminated call button and keypad
  • Remote programming with an app
  • Add keypad codes by app
  • Issue time-restricted codes
  • High gain antenna included
  • 2 relays for activating gates
  • This module comes with an 24 V DC AC-DC converter that powers the entire system

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