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12 inch ButterflyMX Low Profile PoleThe ButterflyMX intercom is available in two sizes, a 7-inch screen and a 12-inch screen. We have heavy-duty poles that are used to mount either of them for applications that are generally used for people in vehicles to be able to reach them. These poles beautifully match the aesthetics of the ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX Pole with Extended Reach
The biggest difference between the poles is the reach or extension from the main shaft of the pole. One has a 3-inch extension and the other has a 12-inch extension. The 3-inch extension is the low-profile pole. These are used in areas where you don't want the ButterflyMX sticking out very far from the pedestal main shaft. These may be walk-up areas or tight entrances to parking lots or garages where you don't want vehicles hitting the intercom.

The 12-inch extension pole is often used for parking lots and drive up gates where the pole is place further away from where a vehicle drives up. The 12" reach on the pole keeps people from having to reach too far out of their vehicle.

These pedestals are made from thick 0.120" wall tube, unlike competitor poles that are often made from thinner 0.074" wall tube. They also use 3-inch tube instead of the narrower 2-inch tubing that most poles use. Our poles receive face-wind testing protocols that are equivalent to a sustained Category 5 hurricane force winds of over 150 miles per hour.

Custom ButterflyMX Pole Design

ButterflyMX Custom PolesWe can also do custom architectural pole designs to match your building requirements. We can fit a particular opening in your wall, or design a larger flat-face stainless or other steel pedestal like the one shown in the photo. Both will have the mounting holes necessary for your 7" or 12" ButterflyMX. Just draw up a rough design of what you want and we will give you a cost and then draw up a CAD drawing for your approval. It will take 12-15 business days for your pole to be manufactured and shipped out. There is an expedited order program available that can shorten this time, but there will be rush fee involved.