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Electric Car (EV) Charger Stand for Outdoor Installations
Before you get your new electric vehicle (EV) you need to determine where you are going to place its charger. If you have a garage, you can just mount it to a wall. However, if you park outside then it becomes more challenging. That is where an EV charger stand makes it easier. You can place these stands anywhere you can get electricity. If you have a solar power charging station, an EV charger pole allows you to place your car closer to the solar panels.

Universal EV Charger StandThere are various types of electric car charger stands available. We have similar styles of charger poles as we have for our intercom systems. The more simplistic are made out of tubular steel. The more elaborate are made from polyester powdercoated sheet steel or aluminum with custom graphics and paint colors available, or they can be brushed stainless steel.  These charger stands integrate with EV chargers onto a durable, beautiful, architectural design that set them apart from other solutions.

The build quality of these stations is second to none. Their laser-cut rust-free aluminum construction is strong enough to withstand category 4 hurricane force winds. If you choose a powdercoated version, for an extra cost you can choose a color that matches your brand or your house. Some stands may include custom 3M vinyl decals to match your brand.

Our universal EV charging pedestal accommodates over 200 EV chargers in a single hardware platform.  It also provides a 2 for 1 mounting configuration with or without a cable reel extension.  This protects you from pole obsolescence should you decide to swap to a different EV charger. If for some reason the holes on the old charger show, you can simply replace the front aluminum panel.  This universal pedestal is brandable with custom paint and graphics.  An inhouse design team can work with your creative team to powder coat and vinyl wrap your EV charging stand in full color graphics to display mascots, team graphics, and your corporate identities to attract attention to your EV parking spots.  Integrated vertical LED light kits can also be added to all 4 sides.

These poles will work with all Level 1 or Level 2 charging stations. Poles and stands are available for charging points from Tesla, Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Hyundai, BMW, Rivian, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Volvo, Chargepoint, Delta Control, Clippercreek, Emporia, Juicebox, Mustart, Wallbox, Lectron, Splitvolt, Amproad, Grizzl-E, Polestar, BougeRV, Siemens, Blink, Electrify America and most others. We can custom make just about everything you can dream of. The main difference between all these stations is the mounting hole pattern. As long as we can get the dimensions for those, we can use one of our off-the-shelf poles and just drill the correct mounting hole pattern.

These station poles are mounted using one of our standard concrete mount bolt kit, which are for existing or freshly poured concrete.

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