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If you want to reduce the industrial appearance of the Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom, you can build it into some type of structure. The Callbox is not intended to be surfaced mounted, but with a little craftiness on your part, it can be done.

There are a couple of ways you could recess-mount the Callbox XT.

The first way requires access to the back of the unit. You can cut a hole in the wall of a building and a support frame must be built to secure the Callbox XT from behind. There are no mounting holes on the stainless steel faceplate so it has to be secured from the back. Ritron callbox XT cutout dimensions

You can do that by putting screws directly into the screw inserts on the back of the unit, or by purchasing the optional faceplate and attaching it to the back of the call box. You will need to add 3/32" to the depth of the callbox if you use the mounting plate.

If you do not have access to the back, there is some room to put two screws at the top and bottom center of the inside if you drill two holes through the yellow cabinet. These screw holes would have to be properly sealed to keep moisture from coming in, but it's likely you need to keep moisture out of the area you are inserting the callbox anyway. Also use washers on the screws to avoid damaging the housing.

Keep in mind that the materials surrounding the Callbox XT may reduce its transmission range. You can always add an external antenna if this is the case.

drilling holes in callbox xtThe Callbox XT is already water resistant so you won't need to seal around it other than to protect your structure.

As a warning, in applications that require drilling through the cabinet, you will not be able to return the unit for a full refund. However, as long as you ensure that any holes you drill do not let moisture in, you will not void the warranty. When drilling, make sure you do not drill into the inner case and damage the radio unit.

Before drilling into the cabinet, put batteries in the unit and test to make sure the unit is going to work for your application. Once you verify it has the coverage you need, then drill the holes. Just make sure the holes are sealed water tight.

This type of mounting will work on all the Callbox XT units you find under the Commercial Intercoms category found to the left.