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Intercoms systems are likely not your primary business so when looking for intercom suppliers, you want more than just someone who can sell intercom systems to you. You need someone who can provide product expertise so you can focus on what you do best, but still give your customers what they want. At, intercom systems are what we do best since that's our business.

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We have lots of wired and wireless intercoms to choose from. In fact, we have the largest selection of wireless intercoms you'll find anywhere. We are specialists in wireless systems and we even have our own line of products.

We won't make you jump through a lot of hoops to get signed up with our reseller program. Just fill out the very simple form at the link below and we'll send you some discount codes you can use to order from our site anytime you want. It's fast and easy.

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Transcription of the video

Hi this is Tim at IntercomsOnline and we are frequently contacted by security and access control equipment dealers whose customers have communication problems that can't be easily solved with the line of products normally installed.

Sometimes a customer needs two-way communication in a location where trenching or pulling cable is simply not practical either because of the mess it creates or the expense.


This is where our long-range two-way communications and access control devices fit the need. With these, access problems can be quickly solved in as little as a single day. Installation consists of locating the proper location for a device, mounting it on a pole or wall, and providing power either via an electrical outlet, batteries, or solar power.

These devices consist of wireless base station intercoms and handheld two way radios, wireless call boxes with remote gate opening and keypad capability, long distance motion and vehicle proximity sensors, and there are even wireless public address and remote switch monitoring devices that can work with this system. All devices can communicate at ranges of up to a mile or more with use of external antennas. No FCC license is required, however many devices can also be programmed to work with existing licensed two-way radios.

One of the best benefits of these products is that they not only eliminate the expensive wiring, but they give mobility to monitoring personnel. Personnel no longer have to be tied to a desk to receive calls and alert notices.

Here are a few of the more popular applications for these devices. If you want detailed information about any of these, you'll find application bulletins for them on our website. These devices have been used as a:

  • Wireless Security Gate Intercom
  • Delivery Door/Loading Dock Intercom System
  • Wireless Emergency Warning System
  • OSHA Employee Emergency Evacuation System
  • Wireless Callbox for ADA Compliance
  • Employee Safety in Parking Lots
  • Emergency Notification Call Button
  • Golf Course Order System

While these wireless devices are not for use where more complex devices such as networked proximity or biometric card readers are needed, if simple, long-range two-way communications and remote gate/door opening with keypad entry will suffice, these solutions work very well.

You can get more information about these devices and their applications in the Multi-Mile Wireless Access Control and Security Devices whitepaper available at .