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Custom-Made Emergency Blue Light Towers With Unique LED Lighting; Designed for the Intercom of Your Choice
Commonly used on a campus environment, an emergency blue light tower pole is placed in strategic areas where students, event attendees, patients, visitors, or employees can call for emergency assistance at the press of a button. Now you can have stations custom made so you can brand your tower or wall station with school colors, team logos, or a corporate identity that's unique to you. We work with your creative team to provide the exact look and feel you are hoping for. These emergency stations are available in ground mount or wall mount stations. 

Blue Light Tower Benefits

These revolutionary call station poles integrate any call box or intercom into a durable, beautiful, fully-lit architectural design that set them apart from all other solutions. In addition to a custom design specifically for you, what really sets these stations apart is the unique lighting. The rectangle shape flashing "brick" lights are an industry first. But there are also vertical LED light bars on all four sides to further draw attention when the intercom or phone is activated.

The build quality of these stations is second to none. Their laser-cut rust-free aluminum construction strong enough to withstand category 4 hurricane force winds. Our standard pole has a bright blue powdercoating to attract attention, however you can choose a color that matches your brand. They include 3M highly reflective vinyl decals for high visibility.

These stations are designed for installation by a single person and there are multiple ways to mount the tower stations to the ground. You can use a standard concrete mount bolt kit, but there are also poured concrete and In-Ground mounts for dirt installation available.

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Emergency Tower Features

Tower Features:
  • Specify any intercom of your choice
  • Programmable lighting
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Variable height 4’–14’
  • Easily customizable
  • FREE custom CAD designs in 24 hours
  • Ready in 12–15 business days or less
  • Shippable by UPS, FedEx, or LTL
  • Single-person installation process
  • Available branding program

Blue Light Tower