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One of the things that bothers me to no end is when my wife and kids shout at me from across the house every time they want something from me. I can hear it now.


Or maybe my wife shouting across the house after I just settled down to do some work in my office, "DEAR, THE DOG STEPPED ON THE REMOTE CONTROL AND CHANGED SOMETHING AND NOW IT DOESN'T WORK."

It's not that helping out my family when they need me bothers me. But the shouting is kin to fingernails on a drives me so crazy I want to scream back at them, "LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE!!!!" Of course, I don't yell that...I just ignore them and hope they'll fix their own problem.

I understand why this is. When I was a kid I was yelled at by my older brother when we were fighting over one of those life or death moments kids seem to have every day.

Like the missing boots to my GI Joe that I just knew my 6 years older brother hid down in our damp, dark, creepy cellar that I wouldn't go in. But in reality I just left the boots stuffed in the green velvet couch at grandma's house because I didn't want my brother to get them. It was just easier to blame least until he started shouting at me and then beating me to a pulp.

Fortunately all the screaming brought Mom to the rescue, but then she started shouting at both of us for not being able to get along.

It's no wonder I don't like being shouted at...even if no one is angry with me for a change. I've been conditioned to automatically go in defensive mode when I hear a raised voice.

So when I hear the shouting I tense up and no matter what they request is, I just want to say "NO!" Of course I can't say that to my wife or the outcome will be far worse than just being inconvenienced by dropping what I'm doing to go help her. Life is so hard.

But we've solved the shouting problem which has made everyone in the house much happier now. With all the new technology we have these days, who knew that a 30-40 year old technology solution would be the answer. Or at least an newer version of it.

I'm sure you remember back to the 60-70's when it was cool to install a wired intercom system in your new house. If you didn't have one the Jone's house nearby probably did.

My oldest brother (not the one who beat me to a pulp) had one and I remember how impressed I was that he had such state-of-the-art technology in his house. It even had an FM radio that pumped awesome songs like the Eagles "Take It To The Limit" throughout the house.

Well, the problem with those old wired intercoms is you still had to get up from your nice comfy seat and go over to the wall where the intercom was located to answer it. That's the downside of having something bolted to the wall.

But that's where modern technology has stepped in to solve that problem. These days you can get wireless intercoms you can put anywhere. I can plant one right next to my nice comfortable chair and a majority of the time I can resolve a family crisis without getting up at all! Give me a remote control for the TV or stereo and my new trusty intercom...what more could a guy need. Maybe a beer? I can just intercom my wife to bring one to me! Well OK, maybe that's pushing it too far.

But you know what's better? THERE'S NO MORE SHOUTING! Now that we have an intercom system, my family members talk to me in a normal voice. It's amazing how much better I feel when I'm not being shouted at. And my wife and kids get better "service" from Dad's Repair Shop than they would if they just busted in my virtual cave shouting at me.

You too can have the same peace and tranquility in your life. The magic solution is conveniently boxed and waiting for you to experience it just like I and lots of other happy people have. It still amazes me that more people haven't re-discovered intercoms and what they can do for you. It seems so obvious to me now.

Hopefully you'll get to experience the improvement these simple, little devices make in your life too.

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