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Keeping your property secure is more important than ever. Knowing when someone approaches your driveway or another access point can provide peace of mind and enhance your security measures. This is where a motion sensor device with two-way communication becomes invaluable.

Advanced Security with Callboxes and Gate Relays

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Our Wireless Callboxes with Gate Relay offer a versatile solution for monitoring and communication. These devices can send a warning tone when a change in a sensor input is detected, making them perfect for integrating with motion detectors.

Key Features:

  • Sensor Input Detection: The sensor input responds to an OPEN or CLOSED switch, allowing you to connect any standard security system motion detector. When the motion detector is triggered, it signals that someone is near the Callbox.
  • Power Supply: Since the Callbox does not provide power for the motion sensor, you'll need an external power supply (typically around +12vDC).

Real-Time Audio Monitoring

To add an audio monitoring component, you’ll need a two-way radio or base-station intercom with a 2-tone encode feature. This allows you to send a signal to the Callbox, activating its microphone and speaker for real-time “listen-in” capabilities.

How It Works:

  1. Detection: When the motion detector is triggered, the Callbox alerts you.
  2. Listening In: Using your two-way radio or base-station intercom, you can send a signal to activate the Callbox’s microphone. This allows you to listen to the surroundings for a predetermined time (5-30 seconds).
  3. Communication: After the listening period, you can transmit your voice to communicate directly with the person who triggered the motion detector.

Remote Control Capabilities

Our Callbox system also includes remote control functionalities. You can send a signal to activate a switch output, which can be used to:

  • Open/Close Gates: Control gate access remotely.
  • Turn On Video Cameras: Enhance your surveillance setup.
  • Activate Lights or Alarms: Increase visibility and alertness.
  • Other Applications: Any situation requiring remote control of an ON/OFF switch.

The Callbox can be programmed to either toggle the switch (OPEN and CLOSE with a single 2-tone code) or use separate codes for each action.

Why Choose

At, we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our Callboxes with Gate Relay and long-range wireless motion detectors are perfect for enhancing your property’s security with advanced monitoring and communication features.



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