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Propane Exchange Refill Station Intercom CallboxPropane tank exchange and propane tank refill stations seldom have an employee by them at all times so they inconvenience customers who are looking to purchase propane. A wireless intercom call box at the refilling station or locked exchange cage let the customer call in for assistance without having to walk inside the store.

When a customer comes to the station for a refill or exchange he or she is instructed by signage or a label on the callbox to press the button on the call box intercom. The callbox then calls either a mobile 2-way radio carried by an employee, or it calls a base station intercom by the cash register or some other fixed location. The employee can then respond to the customer that someone is on the way.

The result of implementing this system is more satisfied customers and increased return rate. Depending on how the callbox is set up, the customer may not even need to leave their vehicle if your employees are set up to take wireless payments on a phone. The happier you can make your customers using this propane refill exchange station, the more likely they will return in the future to buy other things as well.


Callbox with Propane label