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Touch Screen Internet-Connected Video Intercom

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Your Price: $2,395.00
Touch-screen Internet enabled intercom for single-family or multi-tenant buildings with two-way video and smartphone app
Part Number: AL1002
This is a smart video-intercom that is used in multiple applications like these:

• Single-Family Homes
• Medium to Large Capacity Apartments and Condos
• Single-Unit Office Buildings
• Medium to Large Office Buildings
• Schools / Libraries
• Corporate/Educational Campuses
• Shooting Ranges
• Jewelry Stores

This IP based smart video-intercom system enables residents to see and speak to visitors, and release the door on their smartphone using an included app. No monitor is required in each apartment, however if you have CAT-5 wiring to the apartment optional monitors are available.  

You answer calls with crystal clear voice communication while you receive real-time streaming video of visitors. You also have the option to answer the call and share your video for 2-way video communications.

This system features one or more 7.0” touchscreen door entry stations, for easy installation and years of trouble-free operation. It provides audio and visual calls without the need for pricey video-intercom monitors and their related wiring, labor and power supply requirements.

The AL1002 can handle any number of door entry stations and any number of building residents. The door station has a modern, sleek surface mount design, and protrudes a mere 1.25" off of the wall. It handles any number of door entry stations and any number of building residents. 

The door station has a modern, sleek surface mount design, and protrudes a mere 1.25" off of the wall.  It installs quickly using standard CAT5/CAT6 cabling, which connects each door station to a PoE switch. The AL1002 door station has 3 built-in relays for door release, elevator controls, or other low-voltage applications.

When a visitor places a call to a resident, or enters an access code, the system takes a snapshot of the visitor, records the image with the date and time and resident being called, and whether or not the door strike was activated. This visitor call log can be accessed by the authorities if needed, should there be a security incident in the building.

For single-unit buildings, such as single-family homes, With the press of a single button, the AL1002 can simultaneously dial a home phone number and call all family members’ mobile apps. The first one to answer the call gets it and the call notifications are cancelled everywhere else. 

This system can call an App on a smartphone or it can call telephone numbers using included VOIP phone service. Each apartment can have up to 5 residents who each can have their own listing in the directory and phone number (i.e.cellphone) as well as a shared apartment phone number as well (perhaps a landline phone). 

Smart phone apps are available for the Android and/or iOS type phones, and these apps will be continually updated in the future with more features and capabilities.

If you want to add an internal monitor you can easily do that. It just needs to plug in to the same Internet-connected POE switch that the AL1001 is plugged into. You can add multiple monitors this way. If you 

When your order a system, factory engineers program your devices according to your specifications. An online account will be set up for your installation, which includes permissions for account managers and the resident information you provide. Once programming is completed, your system is shipped to your location. This process will take several business days.

There is no on-site programming that is needed during your initial installation, outside of perhaps tweaking some settings to your liking  for your particular environment. Once the AL1002 is connected to an Internet-Enabled PoE (Power Over Ethernet) network it will come to life, connecting to cloud services and it will download all of the programming data that is required.

The cloud service provided with this system requires a monthly fee that can be passed on to the end users. Residential installations are billed at $2.50 per apartment per month (5 users per apartment), with a minimum of $25 per month. Commercial installations are billed at $2.50 a month or .50 per user per month, whichever is higher, with a minimum of $25.

  • Answer calls with 2-way IP audio for crystal clear voice communication
  • Amazon Alexa integration. Alexa notifies tenants when they have a visitor and allows them unlock the door remotely from virtually anywhere. 
  • Touch screen activates a resident directory and voice prompts guide visitors in what to do. Voice prompts alert visitors when the door is unlocked.
  • Receives real-time streaming video of visitors as you speak to them
  • Dials a phone number using included VoIP phone service
  • The system can simultaneously dial a phone number and all family members’ mobile apps
  • Residents have the ability to send time-limited QR codes to visitors via email or text message. Great for parties or guests staying with the tenant
  • Holding a QR code up to the camera can give access
  • QR codes can have unlimited use, one use per visitor, or limited by date or time
  • System can send SMS Alerts for notifications of missed calls or visitors using QR codes
  • You also have the option to answer the call and share your video for 2-way video communications.
  • A CAT5/CAT6 home-run from each Door Station, Monitor or Concierge Station to PoE networking hardware is required
  • The PoE Network must have Full-Time Internet Connection with a minimum bandwidth of 2 MBPS for uploading and downloading
  • The system automatically notifies building managers, residents and installing dealers of software updates available, which can be done with a simple click
  • Cloud hosted apps and visitor call logs; all updates are done online
  • Crystal clear 2MP 120° Horizontal viewing angle, 64° Vertical viewing angle with IP quality duplex audio
  • Event Logs show you a complete listing of all system actions related to you and your residences
  • Ability to call resident telephone numbers using VOIP
  • Three built-in relays for door release, elevator controls, or other low-voltage applications
  • System uses DHCP to obtain an IP Address. A static-IP address can be specified at the time of order.
  • Android and/or iOS apps available
  • Expandable to virtually any system size, scope, or geographic footprint
  • 1024 x 600 resolution Brightness: 300nits 800:1 Contrast 16M colors up to 720p
  • Uses simple CAT5 / CAT6 LAN wiring and RJ45 connectors - 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Stations are connected to a PoE switch output or PoE injector (PoE IEEE802.3af) 13W Min. Power Required
  • Enhanced Duplex Hands-free Digital Voice Operation with echo canceling processor
  • Easy Installation (surface standard or optional flush mounting)
  • Optional Rain Hood/Sun Shield for surface mount door stations only
  • SIP based communications (No Servers Needed)
  • Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
  • Built in EM proximity reader. (FOBs sold separately) (EM cards supported are: 13.56 MHZ and 125KHZ - call for compatibility info)
  • An Amazon Alexa sends visitor notifications to Alexa Smart Speakers. Door stations are Alexa discoverable smart devices with remote unlocking capabilities.
  • IP65 & IK06 Rated
  • Multi-talkpath system with a simultaneous voice talk path from every door station and concierge station
  • Temperature Range -40°F to 131°F (-40°C to 55°C)
  • Low profile surface station protrudes only 1.25" (32mm) from wall
  • Door stations are 5.125"W (131mm) x 12.75"H (324mm) x 1.25"D (32mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions for the surface type station less rain hood.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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