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Wireless Cellular Call Point Intercoms used for Emergency, Customer Assistance, and Security.
A cellular call point, or cellular emergency call box, can be used anywhere you need communication and cellphone service is available. They can even be solar powered so they can be placed in the most remote places.

These callboxes are in a weatherproof powdercoated metal housing and they contain a cell phone modem board along with a stainless steel button that when pressed calls preprogrammed phone numbers. An integrated hockey puck antenna connects to the nearest cell phone tower.

So as long as you have a good cell phone signal at the location where you want to place this, you can place one of these cellular emergency call box devices. Installation is simple. You connect power either from a solar panel system, or via a low voltage transformer connected to an AC outlet.

These call points also work well for temporary usage. If you have construction going on, or anything else that causes disruption in service and you don't want to permanently install a hardwired intercom system, then just place one or more of these around the area and people can call for assistance.

Here are just some of the applications for these call points:

Parks - Use for assistance for hikers, campers, or visitors to alert park rangers of injuries, floods, fires, mudslides, injured animals, or the countless other things that can go wrong in a park.

Ski Resorts - Used on remote ski runs on a ski resort, these call points could aid skiers or ski patrol in calling for help quickly.

Beachside and Coastal Areas - Use anywhere people congregate such as beaches, piers, cliffs, or life guard stations. In a harbor it could be programmed to call the harbor master or the coast guard.

Taxi Stations - Placed outside of busy hotels, nightclubs, train and bus stations, airports, grocery stores, or shopping centers, the call point can be used to call a taxi service. This could be a way for taxi companies to steal business back from Uber and Lyft.custom wireless call point

Amusement Parks and Zoos - Call points can be placed around the park or zoo to report a lost child, medical emergencies, or any customer assistance.

Special Events - Use at outdoor concerts, festivals, and other events where people congregate. Combine the call point along with solar power and you can place these anywhere.

Self Storage Facilities - If there is no management on site, these call points are used by customers who need assistance.

Business Buildings - Placed outside a business these can be used for deliveries, or to allow customers to call if the business has locked doors.

Customized Call Points

You can have these call points custom made with school colors, team logos, or a corporate identity that's unique to you. We work with your creative team to provide the exact look you are hoping for.

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