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How to Choose a Wireless Exit Gate Loop Detector for Vehicle Detection
Wireless Gate Loop DetectorIf you've ever seen the grooves cut into the pavement at stop lights, then you've seen a loop detector. For stop lights they detect when a car or truck is present so the traffic light can make intelligent decisions. For driveway gates these detectors are used to open a gate barrier when a vehicle is exiting the property.

While an exit loop detector, like the stop light system, requires cutting into the asphalt or cement, a wireless vehicle detection system is much cheaper to install. They can be attached above ground to the surface of the driveway and they communicate wirelessly with a trans-ceiver that is attached to the gate controller. The wireless range of a sensor is around 150 feet so it can be placed further up the driveway, which gives more time for the gate to open as you approach it.

Unlike a loop detector system, which uses inductance to detect when a vehicle is present, these wireless detectors usually detect metal through magnetism. These kind of sensors are called a magnetometer vehicle detection systems. Either one gets the job done by detecting a large metal object in its field.

To keep these units totally wireless, they are powered by lithium batteries. Since they use very little power, the battery life can be 3-10 years.

Detector InstallationThese wireless sensors work with Liftmaster gates or any other brand. They simply send a signal to a receiver that is attached to the gate controller via two wires. The receiver then closes a switch thereby activating the gate.

Installing a wireless vehicle detection system can save hundreds of dollars in installation cost, and they eliminate damage done to the driveway. Cutting grooves in the driveway can eventually cause cracks if they are not properly maintained. Water can get in these cracks and when it freezes it expands and damages the asphalt or concrete. A wireless system just requires two holes for some screws.

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