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Parks and sports fields are hubs of activity in any community. From little league games to summer concerts in the park to festivals, these outdoor spaces allow people to gather and enjoy sports, music, and special events. A critical component in any successful outdoor event is a high-quality public address system that enables announcements and commentary to be clearly heard by all attendees.

In the past, permanent PA systems at parks and fields required running speaker wires underground in conduits, an expensive and inflexible installation. Today, new wireless PA technology makes it easy and affordable to set up a professional sound system anywhere outdoors.

Wireless PA Solutions for Flexible Setup

Wireless PA for Outdoor VenuesOur wireless PA systems is comprised of a 2-way radio receiver connected to a horn speaker that is used to receive wireless transmissions from a handheld 2-way radio or base station intercom. This allows the speakers to be placed anywhere without the constraint of wiring. Since you can use as many Wireless PA receiers as you want, you can accommodate events of any size.

The wireless radios connect to the PA speakers from up to a mile away. This allows the announcer to move freely around the area without being tethered by cables. Wireless handheld radios and lapel microphones provide further flexibility and mobility.

The PA receiver receives transmissions from radios in a variety of frequencies: VHF, UHF, MURS, GRMS and FRS so its very flexible. The receivers can be programmed on a spare channel of existing staff radios if you desire.

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

Wireless PA systems are designed for quick, hassle-free setup. The receivers do require 12 volts DC power and they come with an AC to DC adapter. You simply mount them, power them up, and they are ready to go.

Affordable Solution for Great Sound

These wireless PA systems provide quality sound rivaling traditional wired systems, without the incredible cost of running cables everywhere you need sound. Since there is no compromise on sound quality, wireless PA systems offer great value for budget-conscious organizations.

Versatility for Various Outdoor Events

Whether for a Little League championship game or a 4th of July celebration, wireless PA systems enable flawless sound at any outdoor venue. Their portability, ease of use, and great sound make them an essential tool for parks and recreation departments, sports teams, event planners, and bands.

Wireless PA systems prove to be invaluable tools for parks and recreation departments, sports teams, event planners, and bands, enhancing a wide range of outdoor events. Whether it's a Little League championship game or a vibrant 4th of July celebration, wireless PA systems guarantee that announcements and commentary are heard clearly, allowing attendees to fully enjoy the experience.

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