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Effective communication is critical for productivity and safety at manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. PA systems enable plant-wide announcements and alerts to be clearly heard by employees throughout large industrial buildings and outdoor work areas. Traditionally, implementing facility-wide sound required running miles of speaker wires in conduits – an expensive and inflexible approach. Today, wireless PA technology provides a flexible, affordable alternative to wire-dependent systems for industrial sites.

Industrial Wireless PA Solutions

Wireless PA for Outdoor Venues
Our industrial wireless PA systems comprise 2-way radio receivers connected to horn loudspeakers for receiving signals from handheld radios or base station intercoms. This allows speakers to be positioned anywhere without wiring constraints. The wireless connectivity range is up to one mile, so staff can freely move about using handheld two-way radios.

Wireless PA receivers are available for various radio frequencies including VHF, UHF, MURS, GRMS, and FRS bands. For utmost flexibility, receivers can be programmed to unused channels on existing two-way radios used by personnel. Installation is simple with the inlcuded AC to DC adapter for plug and play operation.

Reliable Communication for Safety and Productivity

With our wireless industrial PA systems, managers can instantly communicate with the entire staff to coordinate activities, issue safety instructions, or make critical announcements. Wireless connectivity ensures dependable communication even in the event of a power outage or damaged wiring. Personnel can use wireless handheld radios to clearly address groups throughout noisy facilities.

Wireless mobility enables security guards, supervisors, and safety personnel to freely monitor plant and yard areas while remaining connected to the PA system.

Cost-Effective Sound Coverage

Implementing live voice communications facility-wide with wired speakers in an industrial setting could require thousands of feet of conduit and wiring. Our wireless PA receivers provide the same crisp, clear sound without costly and restrictive wiring.

The systems are quick to install and relocate as needs change. Scaling up simply requires adding receivers and speakers – no major retrofitting. Whether your goals are better productivity, safer operations, or boosting morale with music, wireless PA delivers robust, affordable performance.

Rely on us for expert guidance in implementing reliable wireless PA systems that improve communication for industrial facilities of any scale. Call us at 888-298-9489 for more information.

You can also add other devices to transmit recorded announcements if you wish. Visit this page for more info: voice evacuation system

Wireless PA System Video