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Communication is a very important part of everyday life. The more we advance on a technological level the more we increase the ways we communicate. Communication can be achieved through a variety of methods. Intercoms are nothing new in the modern world; however they are ever-improving so that they can meet our needs more and more easily. Take a weigh bridge or truck scale for instance. When a trucker has driven a vast distance he will eventually have to stop and rest and even have his truck weighed. This is where intercoms come into place.

Beforehand, a driver would have to drive up and make an appointment. Now, a trucker can radio ahead and even patch his CB radio into the intercom system of the approaching weigh-in station. This is done through the short-wave communication system. Intercoms have the ability to broadcast to multiple receptors or other intercoms across vast distance or the ability to have a two way conversation from one unit to the other. This is how the CB and intercom interface functions. So now truckers can let employees at the weigh-in station know ahead that they are coming.

Also truck scale intercoms can help matters in other ways. As trucks line up waiting to be inspected and weighed they can now be herded through the use of the intercom by calling for the next truck to move up, instead of sending someone to tell the driver themselves. Inspectors can inform the truck drivers of updates and things to expect while they wait, using the intercom for such updates.

Intercoms are a miraculous piece of equipment at the end of the day, especially now that they can be portable and wireless. A wireless intercom can be set up anywhere around the scale. The one drawback of truck scale intercoms is that the CB frequency in some trucks can interfere with the functioning of the intercom. Imagine picking up a truck driver?s private conversation and broadcasting it over the intercom. That would indeed be quite embarrassing.

This is why using wireless intercoms must be chosen wisely. The benefits are worth the chance of frequency interference. If the system needed replacing then it would probably shut down the scales for a whole day as they moved around wires and looked for the fault, as oppose to simply replacing a fault wireless unit with ease - with no loss of business or no angry truckers to deal with.

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