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CAT-5 Intercom SystemOur CAT-5 intercom system uses standard RJ45 cables. An RJ45 connector terminates a standard 8-wire twisted-pair Ethernet cable. These CAT-5 intercoms use the standard straight-through connection, which is the most commonly found type. It is what standard computer networks use.

The following illustration shows how the wires are arranged within the connector.

CAT-5 Wiring Diagram

The CAT-5 Intercom gets its power over the Ethernet cable so it does not need an external power source. You can plug the intercom and phone into a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch as seen in the attached diagram. A computer is not necessary, but can be plugged into the same switch for making programming changes.

POE Powered CAT 5 Intercom

The RJ45 connectors on an Ethernet cable are crimped on using an RJ45 crimping tool. The tool looks like the following photo that also includes a tester to verify connections. It also includes a cable jacket cutter and pass-through RJ45 connectors. Click on this link to see it on Amazon: RJ45 Crimping Tool

Ethernet Connector Crimping Tool