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If you're sitting in a tree stand on a deer hunt for any extended period of time, it can be difficult to stay alert. That's where a deer hunting trail monitor system comes in handy.

The last thing you need is for a deer to come into range when you're not ready. You'll end up making sudden movements that scare the deer away, or worse you'll sleep right through it and miss the deer completely.

That's where the MURS Alert outdoor long range transmitter and portable receiver comes in handy. You simply mount the infrared sensor to a tree along the trail where deer walk, and you can be alerted up to several miles away.

The MURS Alert will detect movement of deer up to 80 feet away from the alert unit. and then send a voice alert message to the portable handset. You can use up to four of the MURS Alert Transmitters to monitor 4 different trails or areas.

The alert message is spoken in English two times. Depending on the trail transmitter that has been triggered you'll hear "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," or "Alert Zone Four". The alert message spoken is easily selected during setup of the transmitter. The transmitter can be used with an earphone so the deer won't hear the alert message.

The MURS handheld and the MURS Alert transmitter have five channels and 38 sub-channels to choose from to help eliminate interference from other users.

Add another MURS handheld and you and a buddy can also talk to each other up to four miles away.

When you're not using this system to monitor trails, you can also use it with an internal MURS base station to monitor driveways or any other area where you want to be alerted if people or vehicles enter.

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