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Gate Intercom WiringWhen you have a gate that has an automated gate opener, but you need to know when visitors arrive, a gate intercom system is the solution.

It really doesn't matter what brand or model of gate opener controller you have. All they need is a switch closure to activate the opener.

Many of our callboxes have a relay, which is a switch that closes when it is activated by the intercom inside the building. This switch in the intercom works similar to the way a button that is connected to your garage door opener does. When the button is pressed, the garage door opens.

To make this work you just run two wires from the intercom over to your gate controller.

Depending on the intercom chosen, there are a couple of ways the relay switch can operate. Here is an example of one of our wireless call box intercoms:

  • Momentary Close: Switch will close for 1-255 seconds when a preprogrammed code is received.
  • Alternate Open and Close: Switch will toggle between open and closed when it receives a preprogrammed code. The Callbox transmits a single beep when open and a double beep when closed.
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