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There are two styles of MURS wireless intercom base stations you can choose from. The MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom is a light-duty, less featured intercom. The MURS Commercial Intercom is a heavy-duty fully featured intercom. There is a big difference in price so you'll want to make sure you choose the right one for you. MURS commercial

The Commercial Intercom will have a slightly better range than the Multi-Mile since it has a little more power output (1.99 Watts versus 1.65 Watts for the Multi-Mile). Both units take an external antenna to improve range. They both have all 5 of the MURS channels. For basic communication you could choose either radio.

Light Duty Intercom

The only advantage the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom has other than price is the fact that it integrates with a long-range motion sensor ( MURS Base and MURS Alert Kit ) and that sensor can activate relay contacts on the back of the intercom. These contacts can be used to activate lights, cameras, or other electronic devices.

The MURS Commercial Intercom has several advantages over the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom. For starters the audio quality is better. The speaker has a richer, more full sound. Not that the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom sounds bad, but the MURS Commercial is just a little more hi-fi sounding.

Here are some other advantages of the MURS Commercial Intercom:

  • Built to Military Specifications standards.
  • Higher power output
  • Ability to wall mount. Can't wall mount the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom
  • Enclosed in a tough metal housing instead of plastic.
  • Audio output and microphone input jacks so you can use external speakers
    and headsets.
  • Channel Scanning so you can monitor multiple channels at once.
  • NOAA weather radio capability for weather reports or for automatic
    alerts of storms
  • Programmable softkey that can be used for weather radio, gate opening,
    or for activating other devices that use 2-tone decode. Programmable on a
    per channel basis.
  • Works better if you are using an external antenna since it is heavier. The antenna wire tends to drag the MURS Multi-Mile since it is so light.side by side

So if all you need is plain voice communications and the environment you are putting the intercom in isn't too harsh, then the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom would be sufficient. If you need a really tough intercom with some features, then the MURS Commercial Intercom is for you.

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