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Many self-storage facilities don't have people working at them full time, but if they do, it is usually only one person. When that person needs to move around the property and a new customer comes to the office, the office will be empty (and locked for security reasons) and the potential customer won't know what to do. That usually means lost business for the storage facility.

Many facilities have multiple floors and these buildings are known for having very poor or non-existent cell phone service so mobile phones may not be an option. The last thing you want is for a customer to roll over into voice mail because the property manager's phone is in a dead zone. If they do they may "roll" out the door.

self-storage wireless callboxThe solution to the lost customer problem is as simple as a wireless callbox and a handheld 2-way radio. A wireless callbox is essentially a business-band two-way radio mounted in a weatherproof box. So when a visitor arrives, instead of having a sign that says "Back in 15 minutes" the sign says something like "Press the button for immediate assistance". Once the button is pressed a pre-recorded message could say "Please hold and I'll respond in several seconds." In the meantime the property manager has already been notified so if he or she is with a customer, the property manager has a few seconds to respond back to let the visitor know help is on the way.

The callbox can be battery powered or powered from 12 volts DC and it can be placed directly in the weather so it gives you a lot of flexibility in placement.

Property managers carry a small two-way radio when they leave the office, and it is used to respond to calls.

All it takes to repay the cost of this self-storage intercom system is not losing the first two customers. and then you'll have the system for many years to make additional profit. It can also be used for staff communications, emergencies, and to assist existing customers with problems.

The benefits are too great not to implement a system so call us at 888-298-9489 and let us help you select the equipment you need. We recommend this callbox for a starting point: Self-storage wireless callbox

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