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In the electrical power plant industry, there are several key areas that point to why two way radio communication is very strongly needed.

As most people already know, working in a power plant industry is one of the most potentially dangerous places to work in. This is due to the fact that power plant employees have more of a chance of getting injured on the job, then other fields and positions. Because of this, it is extremely important for all power plant personnel to have an effective form of two way communication.

The first key area where two radio communication is needed is in the facility where the electrical power is processed and distributed. Although most power plants have implemented very strict safety rules and guidelines in this area, there is a medium risk of employees getting injured by defective wiring and high voltage temperatures. For this reason, those working in this area are usually provided with high powered two way radio systems. These radios usually have a variety of built in safety mechanisms and features. Some of these include a built in emergency call option, and also rechargeable battery base. Most of these radios are also manufactured with very long lasting and durable materials. This helps to ensure that the radios can withstand very high temperatures and excessive heat. The price tag for these type of two way radio models typically range from two hundred to four hundred dollars. The variation in price is based upon any additional features added.

Another key area where effective two way radio communication is needed in a power plant is in the departments where troubleshooting calls and emergency requests are handled and processed. These departments can typically receive anywhere from seventy five to one hundred calls per day. This number can can increase even more if the department handles calls from commercial and industrial customers. Once an emergency call is received, the departmental employee needs to be able to quickly communicate with power processing personnel. Because of this, these employees like to use wireless two way radio systems. Having a wireless system allows them the ability to maintain communication while traveling through various areas of the power plant.

In some cases, the size of the plant can range from four thousand to eight thousand square feet. As a result of this, it is very important that the two way radio system used have long distance communication range capability. The cost for these type of two way systems can also vary depending upon any additional features added. However, most models can usually be purchased for well under five hundred dollars.

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