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Child care centers have to meet state care regulations, which of course can be quite stringent. One of the requirements is often to have some form of communication system out on the playground. An outdoor wireless intercom can meet this requirement as described in the video below. This system can also be used at the front door for arriving parents so you can keep your door locked.

Daycare centers also frequently want a system that can handle communication between the rooms. Sometimes that is just office to rooms with no communication needed between rooms. If you have ten or less rooms we do have a system that can handle that with our 10-call master kit

If you have more rooms and you need communication between the rooms, then we recommend an intercom phone. This enables all rooms to call each other. The phones can be used with a handset in noisy conditions or by using a speakerphone. To use the intercom you just dial the room number you need to talk to.

These intercom phones require connection to your existing data network assuming you have network cables running to them. Optionally the phones can use a Wi-Fi network assuming you have one in place.

There are also lots of added benefits of these intercoms phones like system wide paging and group calls. If you want you can also set them up with external lines for calling outside the building. These phones can be obtained for free, but there is a monthly charge for each phone. Give us a call at 888-298-9489 if you are interested in this system.

If you just need to page all rooms and you need a wireless system, our MURS Multi-Mile Base Wireless Intercom is a good solution. It uses wireless 2-way radio frequencies to broadcast messages. There is even a loud, outdoor Wireless PA system that can be added to it.

Child Daycare Center Intercom