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PA InterfaceA customer called in and was looking for a system to plug in to their existing wired PA system. They had three warehouses near each other and only one of them had a public address system. They wanted to add wireless PAs to the other two warehouses so they didn't have to run wires, which would be very costly.

They currently use a telephone system to make pages in the main warehouse. The solution was to add our MURS Wireless PA system to the two warehouses that did not currently have a PA system. The problem then was now you have two separate systems for the warehouses and they wanted to avoid having the receptionist from using two separate pieces of equipment to make the pages.

The solution to that was to add a MURS Wireless PA Interface to the warehouse that currently had the telephone PA. The interface connects to the PA amplifier and it receives transmissions from a desktop or handheld two-way radio and then patches the signal through to the wired PA system.

The two wireless units in the warehouse will also receive the same pages so all the receptionist has to do is to put a caller on hold and press the button on her desktop base station radio and the page is broadcast to all three warehouses.

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