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Emergency Communication for Parks, Biking and Walking Trails, and Other Recreational Areas

Ever since COVID, national, state, and local parks have seen a resurgence of visitors. Even after the number of cases is in declining, park attendance is still strong.

Unfortunately the infrastructures at many parks has been overwhelmed by the number of visitors. Of course, with more people come more emergencies and rescues. That means there are more people who need to contact emergency services and there isn't always cell phone service in these areas. Plus, cell phone services may be overwhelmed by the number of people using them.

In emergency situations, seconds count so if there is any delay in dialing the park office, security, or 911 could delay response time. Wireless callbox communication is instant since there is no dialing time or need to connect to a cellphone network. has long-distance wireless callboxes that can be placed strategically along hiking trails or other high use areas such as a recreational shelters or restrooms. Callboxes based on the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) have the ability to reach miles in ideal conditions. A base station in the park office along with mast antenna mounted above it will give the longest range.

MURS-Wireless-AntennaUsing external antennas raised high in the air allow these callboxes to communicate over distances as far as 20 miles to MURS base stations without any obstructions in the way. You will likely need mast antennas on both sides to reach these distances, but they are possible. For MURS, the antenna height can legally be 60 feet over the top of a building or ground.

These callboxes also have the ability of recorded messages. When the button is pressed, they can transmit the location of the callbox so park rangers or first responders know exactly where the call is coming from. Or a greeting message can be given to the caller to give them special instructions.

These callboxes can be battery powered, or use solar power so there is no need for an electrical outlet.

Business-band, radio frequency wireless callboxes are the ideal solution for an emergency communication link for park visitors and emergency responders. It isn't just parks that can benefit. Places like walking paths at hospitals, office buildings, schools, apartment complexes, or anywhere people congregate are places you can put these callboxes.

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