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Hi-Def CAT-5 Door or Gate Intercom

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For gates or doors where you want the best audio quality with noise cancellation.
Part Number: ZT1014
Notes: Ships 5-10 Business Days
Wired Truck Scale IntercomThis system works great at walk-up door or driveway gates, but we also use it for the most difficult application we have... truck scales. The trucks are incredibly loud which causes all sorts of problems with intercoms that have simultaneous talk and receive capability (full duplex) like this one does. So if it works well in that application it really shine in yours.

If extreme durability and superior sound quality are important to you, then this is your intercom system. There are lots of cheap Chinese-made systems you can try, but you can do it right the first time by going with this intercom instead of having to return the others after wasting your valuable time installing them.

This wired intercoms utilizes the latest technology to create unparalleled audio quality. It has high-definition audio so the audio is clear on both sides and it uses full-duplex communication so no button pushes are required from visitors. A 10 Watt Class D amplifier in the outdoor intercom callbox along with its unique grill design provide the automatically adjusting loudness needed to keep visitors happy.

It also has and extremely effective Active Noise Cancellation that removes the background noise visiting vehicles so real communication can take place. Other features like Automatic Volume Control accommodate for different noise levels of vehicles and Automatic Gain Control increases microphone sensitivity when the talker is farther away from the microphone.

There are multiple ways you can activate the system. If you see
vehicles pull up you can simply press a speed dial button on the phone to call the intercom. If you have multiple gates, you can have one phone with multiple speed dial buttons. Or you can have multiple phones that can call each other as well.. The gate intercom will auto-answer so the visitor does nothing. You can also attach an optical sensor to the gate callbox and it will automatically call the inside phone. You simply pick up the call. And the third way is the visitor can press the button to call you.

There are three ways the inside unit can talk to visitors. The phone has a handset that can be picked up, a headphone jack that will enable wireless headsets, or it has a high-definition audio, full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation. So if you need to keep the noise level down inside so others don't have to listen to the conversations, the handset and headset options provide for that. The inside phone also has Electronic Hook Switch Cable (EHS) support that provides remote desk phone call control (answer/end) with a Plantronics wireless headset system.

You can mount the phone either on the wall or on a desk for whichever way works best for you. The phone also has 8 speed-dial keys that can be used for one button dialing to one of several gates or other phones.

Installation is done by using CAT 5 or 6 cable between the units. It uses Voice over IP technology so you can use standard Ethernet switches and other IP devices to create a self contained IP network. The outdoor callbox has a built in IP server so no computer is required except for installation using a web browser. You will need to provide your own Ethernet POE switch such as this one:Ethernet POE Switch

If you have multiple lanes you can add additional outdoor stations and you can add more inside units to have additional people help manage the lanes.

So rather than wasting time ordering, installing, troubleshooting, and attempting to return a system that will only solve half of your or your client's communication needs, you can get the right system the first time.

Call us now at 888-298-9489 and let us help you make sure you are getting all the right components for your application.

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