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While locked driveway gates and security doors do an excellent job of keeping out unwanted visitors, they also keep out the wanted ones. Installing a security intercom system allows the wanted ones to contact you for entrance.

You will have a choice of audio-only or audio-and-video security intercoms to choose from. Which you choose depends on the answers to several questions:

1. Do you want wireless or a wired system?

If you can't run wires then obviously you need a wireless system. There are different types of wireless. Radio frequency intercoms use 2-way radio frequencies and cover long distances. These are audio-only intercoms. Then there are cellular network intercoms that can call any phone. These require a cell phone plan on the intercom so there is a monthly fee, however there are no distance limitations and you don't even need to be on site to take calls from visitors. There are also Wi-Fi-based systems that use a Wi-Fi signal at the gate to communicate with a smartphone or tablet PC. All of these wireless types allow for mobile communications.

2. What is the distance between the door and gate and where do you want to be notified?

There are limits to how far you can run wire and how far a wireless signal will travel. For wired systems, there are Ethernet-based systems that can communicate over fiber optics for really long ranges. For wireless, there are Wi-Fi extenders that send wireless signals over long ranges. Then there are the cell-based systems that just need a strong cell signal at the gate so there are no distance limits.

3. Do you need to be mobile to receive notifications...maybe even off site?

Wi-Fi and cell intercoms both enable you to receive calls off site. Wired systems are typically onsite fixed stations, however there are systems that connect to the Internet and allow off-site communication. Most wired systems do not allow mobility since they connect with fixed stations.

4. Are you willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee for service?

Cell network and Internet-based systems typically have a monthly fee for service. Most other types of systems don't require a monthly payment.

5. Do you need to see who is at the gate, or is simply talking to visitors enough?

Of course if you need to see who is at the gate then you need an intercom with a camera and some sort of monitor to view visitors.

6. Do you need a keypad that allows visitors to enter a code to open the gate?

A keypad on an intercom lets visitors enter a four digit code which activates a gate opener. You simply connect the intercom and the gate controller with two wires and when a switch in the intercom is closed through a button or key press, it activates the gate.

7. Do you need visitors to be able to use a key card to open the gate?

Intercoms can have an integrated proximity card reader that enables visitors to use a credit card sized plastic card to open the gate. One video intercom has QR codes that can be sent to a smartphone so when you hold your phone up to the camera, the gate will open.

Once you have answers to these questions, then give us a call at 888-298-9489 and we can help you choose the right security intercom system for your application.

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