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Depending on the wireless video intercom you are looking at there may not be a door release built in. Most of the low cost Wi-Fi doorbell intercoms do not have a direct connection but they may have a way to integrate a Wi-Fi based electric lock opener. For instance the Ring Video Doorbell can work with smart Wi-Fi deadbolts made my other manufacturers. The app on your smartphone will have a button that can activate the deadbolt.

However these light-duty video doorbells are not meant for all types of applications. If you need a video intercom at a gate or a commercial door, then a more durable solution is needed. These solutions always have a way to connect two wires over to a maglock or electric door strike.

There are a couple of technologies used for wireless video intercoms. The first is based on Wi-Fi as discussed above. These require a strong Wi-Fi signal at the point you want to mount your intercom. You can plug range extenders into your Wi-Fi router that can extend a signal over long distances so you can typically get a Wi-Fi signal where you need it.

The other technology for video intercoms is cell phone based. It uses the same cell phone towers that your phone uses. The intercom will have its own voice and data plan. When someone presses the button on it a call is made to your smartphone with an app where you can pick it up and view the visitor (and talk also).

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