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Businesses have a wide variety of emergency situations that can occur such as inclement weather, earthquakes, fires, chemical spills, shooters in the building, and various other dangerous situations that employees may need to be made aware of. That's the role of an emergency intercom system.

Given the high cost of installing wired systems in pre-existing buildings, wireless options may make more sense. There are many wireless devices available that can all work together to create a unified system. A wireless emergency intercom system can consist of wireless intercoms, callboxes, PA systems, handheld two-way radios., and push-button devices that broadcast pre-recorded messages.

The system uses long-range two-way communication equipment that can be configured in various ways. One way to set it up is to place wireless callboxes or base station intercoms around the building or campus so employees can call in emergencies. Monitoring staff can carry a lightweight two-way radio, or they can use a base station intercom. You can have as many people monitoring for calls as you want.

To broadcast emergency messages you can place wireless public address (PA) receivers around the building and outside, so your emergency personnel can make broadcasts to warn employees of danger. If you want to broadcast recorded messages, a broadcast device can store up to two messages that can be activated when buttons are pressed. Minute-by-minute updates can be broadcast live from handheld two-way radios.

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