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An intercom is a communication device just like a mobile phone, but with limited signal strength. Intercoms are used within a building or a limited area. Unlike a mobile phone it works independently. A basic intercom system consists of a handset with an earphone and a microphone on it. Some intercom systems use analogue signal to transmit data and some systems use digital signal. To initiate signal transmission, at least two handsets are needed.

Intercoms are a boon for industries. The main advantage of this system is that it is less expensive than most other forms of communication. This system can be used in almost all industries like the steel industry, chemical industry etc. It assures better communication between employer and employees. Eventually it will lead to industrial success, as communication has a major role in the success of any industry.

Now, there are many types of intercoms available in the market. It can even transmit video signals. A portable handheld wireless video Intercom offers video transmission. Such intercoms can be used as an access controlling device in industries. offers a wide variety of intercoms. Both wired and wireless intercoms are available here. Wireless intercoms assure better portability. For example the MURS Callbox XT Outdoor Wireless Intercom is a device which offers excellent outdoor wireless communication. This intercom is very suitable for the steel industry.

Many types of materials are used to make intercom systems to make the intercom system dust proof, water proof and fire proof. They are suitable for industrial environment. The VHF/MURS Xtra-tough Submersible Two Way Radio is a durable device, which has special features for gate opening. Industries like the steel industry can use this type of device which will make access control an easy task.

The MURS Commercial Wireless Intercom is another kind of intercom which is designed for industrial application. As it offers a range of up to 2 miles, communication within this range will be easy and less expensive. Some companies have multiple storage spaces within a range of 2 miles. This intercom is suitable for such industries and other industries which require a range of up to 2 miles.

Finally the Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Two-Way Radio is a compact type intercom. It is small in size, so it is very easy to handle. It is suitable for industries like the steel industry where heavy materials are handled. Communicating with workers who are doing risky jobs like crane operators is easy with this small yet powerful device. The first thing a customer should do before buying an intercom is to identify his needs. The website has product experts to help a customer in selecting a suitable intercom system.