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On a golf course property the restaurant and bar at the club house are usually significant sources of revenue. The more golfers can be moved through, the more money can be made. One way to do that is to install an intercom system on the 9th hole that communicates back to the kitchen or bar. When golfers reach the 9th hole they simply press the button to speak with someone who can take their order. When they get to the clubhouse, their order is waiting for them

wireless golf course ordering systemThe problem with this solution has been the huge expense and mess created by trenching to run the wire. Also, the length of the wire needed is often prohibitive since most intercom systems have a maximum wire length of around 1500 feet.

The most attractive solution is to install a wireless callbox. A wireless callbox is essentially a two-way radio in a vandal and weather resistant housing. It can communicate with multiple base station intercoms or handheld two way radios back in the kitchen, bar, or wherever you have personnel who can take orders. One of the additional benefits of wireless is that order takers can be completely mobile so they don't have to be tied to one location.

This system also encourages players to move faster through the final 9 holes since they know they have food waiting for them. That enables you to make more revenue from green fees as well. Also since many golfers are higher income earners who consider their time to be extremely valuable, providing faster service to them means they are more likely to take advantage of this new time-saving service.

9th hole golf course ordering system

To increase revenue even more, you could add callboxes in different locations around the course to take drink orders that you then deliver to the golfers during play. You could set callboxes on different channels so you know which one is calling in. Each channel represents a different location on the course. Since you want the golfers to keep moving, you ask them the shirt colors of everyone in their party so you can track them down, and you also tell them watch for the drink cart so they can flag it down.

golf course ordering systemAnother advantage of the system is that it is capable of receiving NOAA weather alerts so you'll automatically know when severe weather is approaching. Since these callboxes are part of a complete long-range communication system, you could also use your handheld radio or base station intercoms to broadcast emergency messages to a Wireless PA system so you can warn golfers to take cover. You can use these callboxes for other emergency use as well. Placing them in strategic locations around the course as a defibrillator deployment system could save someone's life.

The callbox can be fully solar powered so there is no need for trenching at all and a solution can be installed in a few hours. The range on these callboxes is up to a mile or even more with the use of an external antenna.

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