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Normally a wireless intercom at a security door or gate has a limitation in that it can only communicate short ranges with someone inside or near a house or business. With a new Cellular Network Wireless Intercom now available, the intercom can call any landline or cell phone no matter where in the world it is. And it still requires no expensive trenching or wiring.cell phone intercom

The Infinite-Range Wireless Cellular Network Intercoms not only lets its owner talk to visitors, but it also has the ability to trigger a gate opener or electric door lock by pressing a key on the telephone keypad. The gate or door can also be triggered with text messages. In the event of a party or other situation where lots of people will be entering the gate, a text message could be sent to the gate to latch it in the open position. At the end of the party, another message is sent to close it again.

As long as a gate or door is within range of a cell phone tower based on a 4G/LTE GSM-based cellular service (AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.), then this intercom will work.

Three telephone numbers can be programmed in the intercom, whether they are landline telephones or cell phones. When a visitor arrives at the intercom and presses the button, it dials the first number. If the first number does not answer, the intercom dials the second number, and then the third. Visitors should always be able to reach someone so important deliveries or visitors will not be missed.

Visitors can also use their cell phone as a gate opener remote control if their telephone number is programmed into the intercoms. The intercoms use the caller ID of a mobile phone to identify callers, and when it identifies callers on the list, it activates its internal relay, which opens the gate. Numbers for delivery drivers, landscaping personnel, friends, family members, or anyone who needs access to the property can be programmed. Since the system doesn't actually answer the phone call, it doesn't use any minutes from a cell phone plan. It is more secure than typical wireless remotes since the gate won't open without the correct Caller ID coming in with a call.

With these intercoms there is no need to run a telephone line or wires to the system, thereby eliminating the expense and mess associated with that task. You can pay for many years of phone service with the money you'll save, plus you'll get benefits you just can't get from other systems.

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