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Here is the basic installation process:

If you are having problems with a truck scale intercom and you have verified that the cables and the POE switch are good, then it's time to check the settings of the phone and the outdoor intercom. Scale 1 is the server that drives the entire system so logging in to it is a good place to start. The documents below will help you troubleshoot potential problems.

For software programming file re-install:
If you are reinstalling the programming file on a Scale 1 outdoor intercom, then you will need to download the programming file for the version of software you have. The instructions for checking your software version are in the last paragraph of the Checking Settings on the Scale 1 Intercom document above.

You will need to download one of the following files and save it somewhere you can find it on the computer you use to log in to the truck scale system. The file is a zip file, but do not unzip it. You will load it as is.

Programming File Downloads: Scale 1 Scale 1

Restore Factory Defaults

Audio Settings:
There are many ways to use the TCIS-2 outdoor intercom that comes in the kit. We have it set up for use with most truck scales, but you can make adjustments to audio using the following documents. Also use these if you need to increase the volume.

Wireless and Wired Headsets:
Want to put a headset on the ISTV-1 Phone. It uses the same headsets as a Grandstream GXP-3240 as shown in this document:

Installing Amplified Horn Speaker:
If the horn speaker is not installed three or more feet above the scale intercom, the system will not work properly.

Installing an Optical sensor:
If you want to have the scale intercom call the inside phone automatically when a truck pulls up, you can install a sensor to detect the truck.

Activating Relay Switch Contacts:
The outdoor intercom can be configured to close a switch when a key is pressed on a telephone keypad. These instructions show how to do that. Relay Activation

Converting to Wireless:
The truck scale intercom can also be made wireless between the scale house and the scale by using wireless bridge equipment. Here are instructions for a system we have tested: Ubiquity NanoBeam M5

Programming instructions for the Ubiquity wireless bridge: Ubiquity NanoBeam M5

Using the TCIS-2 as a SIP Device:

Installing a SIP License for Third-party Phones: