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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Vandal-Proof Intercom
A vandal-proof intercom or vandal-resistant intercom is used for two-way communication in areas where obnoxious, destructive-type of people hang out. The intercoms can be simple stainless steel panels with an embedded speaker and a stainless steel button, or they can even be video intercoms with glass panels rated for IK10 impact resistance. IK10 is the highest measurement rating for protection against physical damage to security camera products.

SIP Vandal Proof IntercomThe intercom you need depends on the complexity of your application. A multi-tenant building needs a more sophisticated system than an intercom for a prison. The multi-tenant intercom is typically at a door or a gate and it has the ability to call multiple points. Often video capabilities are needed. A prison intercom typically calls only a single point like a guard house.

A vandal-proof intercom not only needs to be impact resistant, it also needs to be fluid-resistant. It should be able to withstand a glass of water or corrosive fluids like sodas thrown at it. If it is outside, it also needs to withstand weather.

If you have noisy location you may want a system that has really good audio quality along with features like active noise filtering, and acoustic echo cancellation.

IK10 Impact Resistant
Connection between intercoms is done either via two wires, or via CAT-5 Ethernet depending on the system. If you need fewer than 10 stations that call a master station, we have a two-wire system that has a vandal-resistant stainless-steel intercom. If you need more stations than that, we have CAT-5 system can integrate with a VoIP telephone system. We also have a CAT-5 intercom that has its own built-in webserver so it can act independently without a telephone system or Internet access.

For multi-tenant applications, we have door video intercom units that use a CAT-5 connection to the Internet that enables the door unit to call tenants on their phones, smartphones, or tablet PCs.

Mounting can be done in a couple of ways. The intercom can be mounted flush mount into the wall, or it can be surface mounted in a housing. We recommend the flush-mount installation with security screws because that will be the most vandal-proof for obvious reasons.

Vandal-resistant intercoms can also have a switch for a door lock control or a strobe light. If you have an electric door strike the switch can be used to remotely unlock the door. Or you could turn a strobe light to visually identify where assistance is needed.

These vandal-proof intercoms not only work in areas prone to vandals, but they also work well in industrial areas that need a super-durable intercom.