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How to Choose Commercial and Residential Gate Access Control Systems
Gate access control systems are used in both residential and commercial buildings that have gate entry points where visitors or employees need to have authorized access. They are used at both pedestrian gates and driveway gates to not only give visitors access, but perhaps also to communicate with them. A gate access control system can use an ID badge or card with a magnetic strip or RFID chip to automatically grant someone access assuming you have an electric gate entry controller installed. Or they can have a keypad to enter PIN codes to open a gate. Or visitors can press a button to call someone who can activate the gate remotely. Every commercial facility has different needs based on the type of business and size of the building. You need to decide what type of security measures make sense for your building or residence.

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Different Types of Controlled Access Gate Systems

There are many types of gate access control systems, so how do you know which one is best for your organization or residential building? The first thing you want to do is figure out what type of traffic you need to manage. If you just have employees or tenants entering and no visitors, a simple keypad or cardreader may be sufficient. If there are any type of visitors, then a gate intercom system is best. There are several types of intercoms you can go with, video, Wi-Fi, 2-way radio, cell phone, wireless digital, facial recognition, and wired intercoms. We will discuss each here next.

Commercial Gate Entry Systems

Whether you need to control public access, employee access, or vehicle access, an electric gate entry system can manage all of it. When you’re choosing an access controlled gate system, you need to consider what types of people and vehicles will need to enter your facility. Employees, contractors, delivery drivers, guests, and visitors all require different types of access. The people who visit regularly can be given codes or cards to enter. Visitors, however, need to speak to someone first. This is where a system with both access control and two-way voice, and possibly video, is needed.

Residential Gate Access Control Systems

Residential consists of single-family houses to multi-tenant apartments and condos. The equipment is quite different between the two applications. Obviously the multi-tenant equipment is more complex due to the greater number of people. While some of the technology is the same between them, you want to make sure you choose a multi-tenant system if that is what your application is.

Video Access Control Intercoms

If you want to verify a visitor's identity then a gate access control with camera adds an extra level of security. These intercoms enable full-duplex handsfree communication and give you both audio and video. They can use various connection methods that are discussed below such as Wi-Fi, cell phone, or wired. There are even systems that let you assign QR codes to visitors so they can hold the QR code on their phone up to the video camera and it will unlock the door or gate.

Wi-Fi Access Control Intercom

Wifi gate access control units use either Wi-Fi wireless signals or CAT-5 wire to communicate with either a smarthone or tablet PC through the Internet. Wi-Fi intercoms always have video capability as well. They may or may not have a monthly service fee involved. A single-family unit can be subscription-free, but multi-tenant versions always have a fee for cloud service. The multi-tenant versions also may not have Wi-Fi and will require a connection to the Internet. A Wi-Fi extender may be needed to ensure a strong signal at the gate so this requires an extra equipment expense and extra installation. Wi-Fi access systems communicate over the Internet so as long as you have access to the Internet on your smartphone, you can see and talk to visitors at your gate.

2-Way Radio Access Control Intercom

This is the simplest and easiest to install intercom. These intercoms can be battery powered and have a range up to a mile so no wiring is required between the inside station and the gate intercom. You can use base station intercoms or handheld 2-way radios to communicate with them and to open the security gate remotely. The intercom and radios are push-to-talk and release-to-listen for their communication.

Cell-Phone Access Control Intercom

These intercoms are wireless in that they use cell phone service for the communication link. Therefore there is no distance limitation on this intercom as long as there is cell phone service at the gate. The intercom itself is essentially a cell phone so it does require a monthly or yearly service plan. Like any cell phone it will call any phone. They can also have an integrated card reader and keypad for manual entry. One nice feature of these is that you can program phone numbers in it and when one of those numbers calls, the gate opens automatically. So you can use your cell phone as a gate opener without having to touch the intercom.
Cell Phone Access Control

Digital Wireless Access Control Intercom

Like the 2-Way radio intercom this one is wireless but the signal is digital so it is more secure. It also allows for full-duplex two-way communication instead of push-to-talk like the radio intercoms. Range is lower, but you can reach longer distances by proper antenna placement. This intercom is audio only, but still includes gate opening.

Wired Access Control Intercom

These intercoms require a cable between the inside and outside stations and they can be audio or video. They can also be for multi-tenant or single-family residence so there are a variety of systems available.

Facial Recognition Access Control Intercom

There is now a new type of access control that enables visitors to access a building using facial recognition so they don't need PIN codes, RFID cards, or anything else. They simply look at the camera on the intercom and the door unlocks. These work great for multi-tenant or employee applications. This intercom does require Internet connection and a monthly subscription plan.

Keypad or Proximity Card Reader Access Control

If you will not have visitors arriving at your facility or home, then maybe a simple keypad or proximity card reader is all you need. The keypad enables people to enter a PIN code to unlock the door. The proximity card reader lets them use a credit card device or keychain keyfob to open the door.

The best gate access control system that will work best for you depends on your installation environment and your budget. We can ensure that you get the best system for your needs. Just call us at 888-298-9489 and let our experts help.

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