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Residential gate access control systems are used at both pedestrian gates and driveway gates to not only give visitors access, but also to communicate with them. You can remotely open the gate assuming you have an electric gate controller installed.

There are entry systems for both single-family and multi-family buildings or developments. The multi-family units may handle as many as 500 units.

Systems can include video or just audio. Video systems typically give people with smartphones the ability to see who is at the gate using their phones or tablet PCs. Either system can have the ability for people to talk to visitors even if they aren't home.

Various technologies are available for entry systems. The most traditional are systems that require a wire run between the gate and building. An inside station that mounts on the wall is used for communication and access control.

Next are systems that use wireless radio frequencies. These are typically audio only and may have a significant range, which is farther than you can typically get with video systems.

If you can't get a wireless signal to your gate, but you do get a strong cell phone signal there, then a cell-phone-network-based system may work. These will call any landline or cell phone so you don't have to be home to talk to visitors. These will have a monthly bill for the cell phone service.

Lastly there are systems that use a Wi-fi signal from your house or business. A Wi-Fi extender may be needed to ensure a strong signal at the gate so this requires an extra equipment expense and extra installation. Wi-Fi access systems communicate over the Internet to smartphones or tablet PCs. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can see and talk to visitors at your gate. There are also systems that have a mix of these technologies.

Many units have built-in keypads so you can give code access to visitors so they can open the gate without calling. The cell phone network intercoms can be programmed with a visitors phone number so all they have to do is call the gate and it will open based on their Caller Line ID. Wi-Fi systems may have Bluetooth so people can use their smartphone to open the gate by simply being in proximity to the access control system.

The gate access control system that will work best for you depends on your installation environment and your budget. We can ensure that you get the best system for your needs. Just call us at 888-298-9489 and let our experts help.

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